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‘The Regency’ name is well renowned for its amazing and innovative promotions. Discover the media releases of the latest offerings and events from the luxurious hotel. 

The Regency Ends 2014 with the award of
“Best Luxury Business Hotel 2014”

The Regency, Kuwait received the award of “Best Luxury Business Hotel 2014” at a special ceremony at the prestigious event “World Luxury Hotel Awards”, which was held in South Africa this December with the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town and attended by a number of representatives of luxury hotels around the world.

This award was the finale to The Regency’s award filled year, which includes two of the most prestigious international awards in the hospitality industry “Leading Luxury Hotel in Kuwait” and “Leading Conference Hotel in Kuwait” as well as “The 7 Star” international award and the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor as The Regency is the number one hotel in Kuwait for two consecutive years 2013 and 2014, to exceed all hotel in Kuwait including a number of international hotel chains.

After receiving the awards, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo – General Manager of The Regency Kuwait – said, “We are very proud for receiving this prestigious international award between the many hotels of Kuwait. This award gives our corporate guests the ultimate trust in us to provide them with all their requests surrounded by an atmosphere of exquisite luxury, it also gives our hotel an excellent reputation worldwide amidst the international brands in the event.”

Mr. Giraudo also added, “2014 was a very important year for us at The Regency, as it was full of awards that portray the excellence of our adoption of international service standards which are delivered to our guests in style. As our luxury excels international 5 star hotel brands, these awards promote our unique position as the leading luxury hotel in Kuwait. Saying this, I cannot forget my colleagues and team who have worked hard to reach to the highest point of luxury.

For more information please visit or call us on +96525766666


The Regency Hotel,  Kuwait is delighted to announce the arrival of world famous TV Celebrity Executive Master Chef, Aydin Demir, who, from 22nd – 30th November 2014 will celebrate the finesse of Ottoman Turkish flavours and revisit the cuisine of the forgotten Ottoman Palaces of years gone by.

With 30 years experience, being voted “Best Chef in Turkey” and a collection of awards and accolades that are as long as your arm, Chef Aydin now hosts a daily TV show where he demonstrates the subtleties and regional flavours which define Ottaman cuisine and culture.

Best described as a fusion of all kinds of tastes from Central Asia, Caucasian, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Balkan states, Turkish cuisine has undoubtedly had many separate influences and enjoys many regional differences. From the cooking of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and the Aegean adopts many elements of the style of cuisine often seen in the Ottoman Courts of yesteryear with a preference for rice, koftas, stews, eggplant, stuffed dolmas and fish with a noticeably lighter use of spices. In contrast the cuisine of the Black Sea region concentrates, as you would expect, extensively on fish, especially whereas the south eastern areas are famous for their kebabs, mezzes and sweet dough based desserts like baklava, kadayif and kunefe. Especially in the western regions of Turkey, where olive trees are abundant, olive oil is mainly used for cooking, but throughout the country richness in the availability of vegetables, herbs and fish give great variety.

Beware though; there are some very subtle differences!  Specialties are often linked to towns or cities and the differences in dishes can be dictated simply by the thickness or width of the skewer of the kebab or by the spiciness of the meat.

The key ingredients in Turkish food include lamb, beef, chicken, fish, eggplant, green peppers, garlic, onions, lentils beans and tomatoes. Preferred spices include parsley, cumin, black pepper, paprika, mint, oregano, thyme and all spice. Olives are a constant and have been regularly used to break the fast at iftar since Ottoman times.

Fruit is also plentiful in Turkey and plums, apricots, pomegranates, pears, apples, figs and grapes frequently accompany meat as a side dish.

Whether it be from delicate soups, finely cooked meats, light, airy rices to freshly prepared Turkish breads and sumptuous desserts followed by the highest quality of Turkish coffee The Regency Hotel, together with Chef Aydin will, for KD 28 per person, tempt and tantalize you with a 6 course extravaganza of Turkish cuisine from 7pm on 22nd November at our Silk Road Terrace with a variety of textures, flavors and tastes never seen before in Kuwait. To make a reservation at this one off, exclusive culinary showcase, please call 25766666. Alternatively from 23rd - 30th November the Turkish theme continues at Silk Road every evening at a cost of KD 18 per person from 7pm.

It’s Swiss Time at The Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel features a luxurious panoramic view of the swimming pool and Arabian Gulf in its main restaurant at Silk Road, which is also considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Kuwait that serves a wide and rich variety of foods suitable for all tastes and ages.  

Based on The Regency’s efforts to continuously introduce exciting new developments to its restaurants, Swiss Executive Chef at the hotel and his team, launched “It’s Swiss Time” at Silk Road restaurant on Thursday September 18th, 2014.

On the night of the launch, Swiss Ambassador H.E. Etienne Thévoz and embassy delegates including members of the press enjoyed an array of Swiss favorites. The menu included a delicious display of Swiss cheeses imported specially for “It’s Swiss Time”, a dry beef station, Raclette cheese station, and a Classic Gruyere cheese quiche including many other items. The main dish menu had beef strips with tomato and caraway, stuffed lamb leg in puff pastry and cheese spaetzle.  As for desserts guests enjoyed Swiss carrot cake, warm apple tart with hazelnuts, and an authentic Swiss Mont Blanc.

“It’s Swiss Time” with The Regency’s Executive Chef will run every night for 10 days starting from September 18th until September 28th, 2014 at 7:00pm at the hotel’s Silk Road Restaurant. For more information please visit or call 25766666

An Exceptional summer at The Regency Hotel with special offers for an unforgettable stay

The Regency Hotel prepared packages and offers this hot summer for everyone to experience the ultimate elegance of the hotel’s rooms and suites. With these special packages and offers guests can enjoy all the facilities, such as the swimming pools, beaches and the unique Ladies Lounge with its private outdoor swimming pool and beach, a sanctuary for its female guests. The Regency Hotel also gives its guests the chance to indulge in an array of delicious dishes prepared to please different tastes, by a skilled group of chefs from around the world.

For this summer, rates for a double standard room start at KD60 with 15% service charge, during the month of August for a limited number of rooms. This exclusive rate will include an enticing breakfast buffet for two at The Regency’s elegant international restaurant “Silk Road”. It also includes a free entrance to the Ladies Lounge, access to the swimming pools, beach and fitness center. Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager of The Regency Hotel said, “We are always delighted to offer exceptional rates and give guests a chance to enjoy the luxury of our hotel, and to experience our royal service. This service is a reflection of our international high standards of the true Arabic hospitality”.

The Regency Hotel is considered one of the most luxurious 5 star hotels on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait. It includes 203 rooms of which 53 are suites with elegant furniture and exquisite decors. The Regency is a winner of numerous awards, as it was named Kuwait’s Leading Luxury Hotel and Kuwait’s Leading Conference Hotel for 2013 and 2014, as well as holding The World Luxury Hotels Award for Kuwait in both 2013 and 2014.  

Visit our website on or call us on 25766666 for more details and reservations.

The Regency prepares for Eid Al Fitr with exciting offers

As the holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, The Regency Kuwait started preparing for its Eid Al Fitr guests from all over the Arab World.

The General Manager Mr. Aurelio Giraudo said “Firstly, I would like to wish the citizens of Kuwait and the Muslim community a blessed Eid Al Fitr and may it be filled with joy.” He also added; “We are preparing a number of exciting surprises for our guests to make their stay special. We have put together a number of offers of our elegant rooms and luxurious suites that overlook the Arabian Gulf and our garden and swimming pools.”

The Regency will also feature an upgraded brunch buffet at Silk Road Restaurant daily during the Eid Holidays, which is similar to The Royal Brunch served every Friday from 12:30PM until 3:30PM. The brunch will include an array of delicious salads, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Children will also enjoy the brunch, with a magic show, face painting and kid’s food corner which includes a popcorn station, ice cream and chocolate fountain.

And to celebrate the summer with a completely new vision and higher standards, The Regency will once again open the doors of its swimming pools, beaches and exclusive Ladies Lounge to make your stay at The Regency unforgettable. The Ladies’ Lounge will be open daily starting from the first day of Eid Al Fitr until 31st October, 2014 from 8.00am to 7.00pm, with exclusive memberships at KD 315 and daily entries at KD25 for 12 years and above. Kindly note that owing to high demand, The Ladies Lounge occasionally reaches full capacity (100 guests) and in order to maintain the level of five star services expected at The Regency we do restrict entrance at certain times. We have created a mechanism in which we contact ladies when there is available space.

For bookings, reservations or more details please call us on 25766666 or visit our website

A Magical Atmosphere at the Regency this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here, and as family and friends prepare to celebrate it, The Regency also is preparing for an unforgettable and magical atmosphere. Al Liwan, The Regency’s elegant marble clad lobby, is decorated extraordinarily and the culinary team is developing new menus to welcome guests for Iftar and Sohoor, with a delicious and rich buffet.

At The Regency’s main international restaurant Silk Road overlooking the hotels gardens and beautiful Arabian Gulf, an Iftar feast will be served with a special menu for Sohoor. The Sohoor menu will be a mixture of dishes that help your body avoid thirst and hunger during the long hours of fasting. Al Liwan will offer visitors the best dates and authentic Arabic coffee. For exquisite desserts, Regency Gourmet’s team will be preparing an array of Arabic and International favorites.

The holy month of Ramadan will not be celebrated through restaurants only at The Regency, but in rooms and suites as well. The hotel will be offering special packages for guests that would like to spend Ramadan away from their busy lives to relax in a luxurious atmosphere. Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager of The Regency, commented on this “First of all I would like to congratulate the citizens of Kuwait and the Islamic world on the occasion of Ramadan, and specially congratulate our guests that have been giving us full support since the opening of The Regency. We are confident in the standards of our dishes and services, including diversified menus, and unbeatable room and suite rates. Our ballrooms can cater for more than 500 guests which makes them perfect for Ghabqas and corporate gatherings.

Iftar buffet will be served at Silk Road from Maghrib prayer to 10:00PM, and Sohoor will be available between 10:00PM and 2:00AM. For more details please call 257666666 or visit The Regency’s website:

The Regency, Leading Luxury Hotel and Leading Conference Hotel in Kuwait for the second consecutive year

Kuwait – May 2014 : The Regency, Kuwait has been awarded two of the most prestigious international awards in the hospitality industry. During the “World Travel Awards 2014”, which was held in Dubai on May 5th,2014 with the presence of leaders of the travel and hospitality sector in the GCC,  The Regency received both awards for “Leading Luxury Hotel in Kuwait” and “Leading Conference Hotel in Kuwait” for the year 2014.   

After receiving the awards, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo – General Manager of The Regency Kuwait – said, “This is not the first time that we receive these two prestigious awards, last year we were honored to attend this same event and we have promised ourselves then, to come back next year and receive them once again, and here we are presented with both awards. The feeling of winning does not change it is pure joy to be chosen as the Leading Luxury Hotel and Leading Conference Hotel in Kuwait by The World Travel Award committee. It is an honor for me as the General Manager along with my colleagues that have worked hard to reach to the highest point of luxury.”

 Mr. Giraudo also added, “Winning tonight proves that this hotel with its independent management since 1981, was and still is the standard setter of luxury in Kuwait’s hospitality sector while adopting international service standards.”

The Regency is proud to be the only local 5 star hotel competing with an array of international hotels in Kuwait. It is a Kuwaiti icon located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. 

The Regency Hotel’s Silk Road launches “Moroccan Flavors” in the presence of Moroccan Embassy Acting Charge D'affaires and members of the media

Located on the magical shores of The Arabian Gulf, The Regency Hotel’s Silk Road restaurant serves nothing but the finest dishes in its international buffet. Silk Road is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Kuwait that serves a wide and rich variety of foods to entice your taste buds.  

As a continuation to The Regency’s efforts to offer guests the opportunity to taste different dishes from all over the world cooked by professional chefs, it introduced Australia Week, The Thai Feast, Spanish Week and much more. And once again The Regency presents a new extensive culinary offering during the month of May. “Moroccan Flavors” kicked off on May 15th in the presence of Moroccan Embassy Acting Charge D'affaires Mr. Mahdi Errami and embassy delegates including members of the media. Invitees enjoyed dishes prepared by Chef Adel Limi, winner of numerous international culinary awards and The Regency’s Chef de Cuisine.

Chef Adel prepared a flavorful and aromatic buffet with a number of rich dishes, starting off with salads and appetizers, continuing with different main dishes and ending the night with a delicious array of desserts. The Moroccan adventure includes items like “Zaalouk” a rich eggplant salad, “Mezgueldi” which is stewed and caramelized pumpkin and more appetizers. Guests also enjoyed main dishes that include “Casablanca Fish Tagine” cooked fish with potatoes and roasted peppers and olives, Couscous Tfaya with Caramelized Onions and Raisins or “Seafood Pastilla”. As for desserts, Chef Limi presented guests with “Carrot and Orange Dessert”, “Milk and Almond Pastilla” and much more to conclude this culinary journey.

“Moroccan Flavors” with The Regency’s Chef de Cuisine “Adel Limi” will run every night for 10 days starting from May 15th, 2014 until May 25th, 2014 at 7:00pm at The Regency’s Silk Road Restaurant. For more information please visit the hotel’s website or call 25766666

The Regency Hotel launches the “Thai Food Feast” at Silk Road in the presence of His Excellency, Ambassador of Thailand and members of the media

The Regency Hotel features a luxurious and magical panoramic view of the swimming pool and Arabian Gulf in its main restaurant at Silk Road, which is also considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Kuwait that serves a wide and rich variety of foods suitable for all tastes and ages.  

Based on The Regency’s efforts to continuously introduce exciting new developments to its restaurants’ extensive culinary offerings, guests have the opportunity to taste different dishes from all over the world cooked by professional chefs.  

The hotel launched the “Thai Food Feast” on April 20th in the presence of His Excellency the ambassador of Thailand Mr. Surasak Chuasukouthip and embassy delegates including members of the media. Invitees enjoyed dishes prepared by Chef Khun Rugnapa, winner of numerous international culinary awards and Sous Chef of Amari Hotel in Hua Hin Thailand. The chef was invited by The Regency Hotel to celebrate the authentic cuisine of Thailand in a 10 day celebration, for her rich experience in the Thai culinary arts.

Chef Rugnapa will be preparing a flavorful and aromatic buffet with a number of rich dishes, starting off with salads and appetizers, continuing with different main dishes and ending the night with a delicious array of desserts. The Thai feast adventure will include items like “Tod Mun Goong” a fried shrimp cake, “Satay ruam” grilled meat with peanut sauce and more appetizers. Guests can also enjoy main dishes that include “Plaphadkhing” which is deep fried fish with mushrooms and ginger or “Panaeng Lamb” a sautéed lamb tenderloin in curry sauce with kaffir lime leaves. As for desserts, Chef Rugnapa will be presenting guests with “coconut sago pudding , “crispy fried banana” and much more to conclude this culinary journey.

The Thai Food Feast with world famous Chef “Khun Rugnapa” will run every night for 10 days starting from April 20th until May 1st, 2014 at 7:00pm at The Regency’s Silk Road Restaurant. For more information please visit the hotel’s website or call 25766666

The ultimate retreat, a private ladies sanctuary reopens for summer – The Ladies Lounge at The Regency

Summer at The Regency is well and truly here. 

From 1st April, the unique and exclusive Ladies Lounge is the perfect venue for ladies looking for a private pool and beach in which to relax in luxury and comfort during the hot summer season. With a dedicated team of ladies to offer the world renowned Regency service The Ladies Lounge provides its female members a sanctuary with an outdoor swimming pool, plunge pool, secluded beach and an indoor lounge with an elegant comfortable interior.  

During the day of tanning, relaxation and swimming ladies can enjoy an extensive healthy menu of lights snacks and refreshing cool drinks. 

For the new season The Ladies Lounge has added new options of manicure, pedicure, massages, yoga and Pilates classes as well as cakes from Regency Gourmet and an extended range of ice creams, iced coffees. 

The Ladies Lounge opens its doors daily starting April 1st, 2014 from 8:00am to 7:00pm till October 31st, excluding the holy month of Ramadan.  

The Regency has put together an exclusive, very limited membership program that includes a number of benefits inside the lounge and unbeatable discounts throughout the hotel’s outlets, rooms and banqueting facilities.  

Benefits for members include:

  • 15% discount on food and beverage in The Ladies Lounge
  • 15% discount in Balsamico
  • 20% discount in Silk Road
  • 10% discount on Regency Gourmet / Al Liwan
  • 10% discount on Best Available Rate for rooms
  • 10% discount on Outside Catering for private parties
  • 10% discount on room hire in Banqueting for private parties and Weddings

Members receive all these benefits for the full season (7 month) at the special rate of 475 Kuwaiti Dinars.

All ladies are welcome to attend The Ladies Lounge Launch on 29th March 2014, from 10am – 4pm to see the venue and understand more of the exciting new offers for ladies available at The Regency.

For more information, please call 25766749 or visit our website

“The Executive Experience at The Regency” taking your business trip to another level

Kuwait: In the heart of Kuwait and on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, lays the number one luxury hotel and number one convention center in Kuwait; according to the Dubai World Traveler Awards.

Since 1981 to this day, with its multimillion renovations, The Regency became a standard setter in the luxury hotel category. Walking into the hotel’s sunshine filled marble clad lobby and 22 meter high atrium, international standards of service welcomes you. And as for the accommodation, having 202 rooms, including 53 signature suites, The Regency gives bookers a wide selection for a more comfortable, luxurious and enjoyable stay.

Guests can enjoy a cup from a selection of Gryphon Teas or delicious coffee with their cakes, macrons and chocolates from The Regency’s specialized outlet “The Regency Gourmet”. Also, the two restaurants at pool level provide the hotel’s guests with international cuisine and authentic Italian food, overlooking the gardens, pools and Arabian Gulf.

And as  part of The Regency’s mission of excellence, its international management created a number of programs, memberships and outlets to satisfy the Kuwaiti market’s needs, its international leisure guests and of course the hotel’s guests from the corporate world. The General Manager of The Regency, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, commented on this saying, “It is important to recognize, understand, value and listen to customers. Our guests are our ambassadors and contribute to our continued development and refinement of our services through their observations and reviews. As the Kuwaiti hotel that has been recognized by guests as the number one hotel in Kuwait for the last 12 months, we have many very loyal repeat guests”.

Two of the most exclusive outlets are the Ladies and Executive Lounges. Located on a secluded beach, the Ladies Lounge became the only sanctuary in Kuwait for women to enjoy a private pool and beach. The Regency also provides a private Lounge and program for its business oriented guests. Situated on the hotel’s fourth floor, the elegant duplex lounge includes comfortable seating and dining areas, televisions with satellite news, newspapers and magazines, desktop computers, complimentary Wi-Fi and selected secretarial service. In the upper gallery there are three private board rooms with videoconferencing facilities.

“The Executive Experience” The Regency’s unique program for business men and women grants a range of extraordinary features which includes significant discounts on meeting room bookings, restaurant reservations, and even laundry. Additionally, Executive Experience bookers enjoy complementary express breakfast, mocktails, tea, coffee and canapés at The Executive Lounge. And from visa service to Limousine pickup The Regency ensures a comfortable stay with exclusive rates on all rooms and suites starting from KD85, for all its corporate guests.

For more details, please contact The Regency on or call (+965) 2576 6608 to learn more.

The Regency celebrates a year as Kuwait’s favourite hotel

Kuwait: The Regency Hotel, Kuwait, voted in 2013 as Kuwait’s Leading Luxury Hotel and Kuwait’s Leading Conference Hotel, has consolidated its position as the best hotel in the capital by successfully completing a full year as the number one hotel on TripAdvisor, globally recognized as the premier review site within the hospitality industry. Out of the hotels in Kuwait, The Regency has been voted as number one, not only by the hospitality industry at the World Travel Awards in Dubai in May, but more importantly by its guests.

General Manager, Aurelio Giraudo commented “2013 has been an exceptional year for The Regency and to have successfully achieved a consistency to maintain the number one position on TripAdvisor for such a long period is outstanding and is a reflection of the hard work of all members of our team to exceed the expectations of all our guests. We continually strive to improve and develop new ideas to offer creative innovations of product and service to our loyal guests and we will work even harder as we finish 2013 and start again for 2014.”

The team at The Regency would like to thank all its guests for the positive reviews that were posted in 2013 which has enabled the hotel to shine as the leader in the market.

“Our team considers the positioning of the hotel on TripAdvisor as being a measure of their success and through their wonderful interaction with guests they have a direct impact on the reviews that are posted. They consider it an honor to be recognized in this way as it is a direct reflection on a daily basis their delivery of the highest standards of personalized service and luxury.”

Following the opening of Balsamico as a fine dining Italian restaurant, Regency Gourmet as a unique gourmet experience with fine French patisserie, the development of its own Regency Rewards Program and the delivery of an unbeatable Executive Experience for corporate guests there is much more to come from The Regency in 2014 as the hotel continues to spread its wings.

Giraudo added “we are driving development, innovation and excellence in all areas and our creativity and expansion will continue throughout 2014 so we are able to launch new programs and offer new experiences to our guests. We will visit new markets and spread more understanding of The Regency within Kuwait, the region and internationally. We hope that this will excite existing guests and attract new partners so that they will continue positively reviewing the hotel and allow us to continue as the people’s favourite Kuwaiti hotel”

The Regency Kuwait is Kuwait’s only privately owned and operated five star deluxe hotel with 203 rooms, including 53 elegant suites. With 5 outlets, a conference and convention centre with 4 ballrooms and 10 meeting rooms, swimming pool and beach, a unique Ladies Lounge with private beach and pool, the hotel can be found in the Salmiya area of the city against the shores of the Arabian only 15-20 minutes away from Kuwait International Airport and close to the downtown area.


For further information contact:

Marketing Department

The Regency Hotel Kuwait

Al Tawoon Street, Al Bida’a

Salmiya, Kuwait City


T: +965 2576 6666


F: +965 2576 6999


The Regency brings back its authentic BBQ Every Wednesday Night

Kuwait – Oct 1, 2013

As the eagerly awaited winter season approaches, The Regency is set to re-launch its charming poolside Barbeque Nights starting Wednesday. The BBQ nights will offer mouth-watering barbequed delicacies including fresh meats, seafood and a variety of delightful salads and breath-taking views of the Arabian Gulf every Wednesday from 7:00pm onwards.


The Hotel’s spectacular setting, beautiful landscape combined with the warm spring weather reflects the ambience of the BBQ dinner buffet.

The BBQ stations offer a range of mouthwatering dishes that have been specially prepared to cater to any guest’s tastes – starting from the Pasta Corner to the grills’ stations which includes beef medallions rested in cola and chili marinade, smoked prime ribs with honey and teriyaki sauce, jumbo prawns marinated with garlic and Mediterranean herbs, swordfish steaks in addition to Shawarma and Saj stations. Along with side orders of Chinese fried rice, Italian crisp fried seafood and Indian chicken Tandoori among others, guests will indulge in a menu that offers delicious cold buffet that include mixed seafood salad, Hawaiian chicken salad, Thai tuna salad and a selection of homemade bread rolls.

“We launched the BBQ nights at a time when people crave for a soothing and uniquely elevating experience. There’s no better way to celebrate the last season of the year than to dine poolside under the stars and the moonlight, while enjoying The Regency luxurious hospitality.” said Tom Spaan, Director of Food and Beverage at the hotel.

To end a perfect night, a scrumptious assortment of desserts is available, with homemade gateaux, Cheese cakes to the irresistible chocolate fountain, crepes and ice cream.

At poolside, The Regency presents the highest quality dining experience with premium cuts of beef, lamb and chicken, the fresher seafood, exciting sauces, salads and condiments and artistically crafted works of art amongst our collection of desserts.

For more details or reservations please call 2576 6666 or visit our website:


The Regency launches Regency Rewards program

Kuwait: 24th September 2013 :  The number one awarded five star hotel in Kuwait has developed an unparalleled reputation as the leading luxury hotel and conference venue in Kuwait.

 “Through developing new programs, adding innovative new dining concepts and driving a true five star outside catering division, The Regency is a hospitality leader in Kuwait” said Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager.

To thank and appreciate its loyal supporters The Regency has introduced “Regency Rewards”, an ultimate loyalty scheme which offers redeemable points when booking bedrooms, conferences, meetings or making restaurant bookings.

 “The continued success of The Regency is very much owed to the loyalty of its corporate supporters. We simply wish to say “thank you” and, as we continue to grow, give something back to that community” said Russell Loughland, Director of Sales & Marketing.

He added: “Through extensive research we are confident that we have been able to create a Rewards Scheme that supersedes those of our competitors. It is important that the scheme is, firstly, easy to understand and use, secondly, has no limitations, and, third, is open to all bookers of hotel services. We have achieved this and at the same time introduce complete freedom to fly, stay, sail, ski, climb, walk or skate in any country at any time, as long as you have the right number of points. No restrictions, just an appreciative “thank you” from us. 

 “Regency Rewards” is available now, membership is free and points can be immediately gained.

Sign up through

As well as rewarding the bookers, The Regency Kuwait, as the only member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts in the city offers the “iPrefer” program to all guests. “With Silver, Gold and Platinum levels the program undoubtedly attracts and engages new guests and secures the return of existing clients through a direct link of “STAY=REWARDS” across all continents” said Loughland.

“We are proud to be the flagship property of Preferred Hotels and Resorts in Kuwait and the combination of iPrefer for guests and “Regency Rewards” for our bookers only serves to confirm The Regency as the preferred five star hotel of choice in Kuwait.

The Regency launches two lavish buffets featuring Latin American and Middle Eastern specialties

Kuwait, 12th August, 2013: From the end of Eid-al-Fitr onwards, The Regency’s Silk Road will be offering an extensive new range of cuisines on top of its unbeatable Friday Brunch and ever-popular Wednesday evening ‘Maharajah’ buffet which serves authentic Indian fare.

On Tuesday 13th August a colourful new weekly Latin American buffet launches, with foods from Southern and Central America, as well as Tex-Mex treats. Meanwhile on Thursday 15th August sees the start of the “Middle Eastern Mystique” buffet, featuring an endless array of culinary favourites of Iran, Syria Lebanon and of course, Kuwait.

Expect spectacular quality as always and a breathtaking range of choice, with numerous live cooking stations serving up the popular grilled meats and seafood which feature in both the Middle East and in many Latin American countries.

“Quality is key” affirmed The Regency’s multiple-medal winning Executive Chef, Roger Friggieri. “In our Latin American buffet we will showcase a range of hot and cold dishes from different countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico, as well as a few typical desserts. Beef and chicken are key ingredients for the main courses, these can be served with plantain (a type of banana), rice or beans. Each country has its own cooking styles and presentation, there are many flavours such as lime, chilli, exotic salsas and some coconut too! A few popular Tex-Mex dishes will be included but in truth, these are hybrid dishes created in the USA, but we know locals love them”.

Thursday evening’s “Middle Eastern Mystique” buffet takes advantage of the hotel’s stellar team of Arab chefs hailing from all across the Middle East and professional Master Butchers from Syria. Just one highlight of the buffet will be a range of grilled meats – treated with different spices, or specially prepared marinades of each country, these are served with rice dishes – which also vary enormously according to the region. Diners should remember to keep some space for some of the popular homemade desserts and Arabic sweets - a mouthwatering way to end the evening!

General Manager, Aurelio Giraudo commented “The Regency is all about innovation and quality. Our new culinary promotions aim to provide the very best, I do hope our patrons enjoy the experience”.

Silk Road is open from 7.00pm to 11.00pm for reservations please call 2576 6666.

The Regency awards ‘Royal Stays’ worth over KD2,600 to lucky winners of its Facebook Competition!

Kuwait, August 4, 2013: With the annual fun and festivities of Eid approaching, three lucky people will have even more to celebrate as winners of an exclusive online competition at the multi-award winning Regency Hotel.

In July, The Regency launched the competition to win a “Royal Stay” on its popular Facebook page - which has grown rapidly to reach an astonishing 30,000 Likes. Prize winners were required to have spent KD50 at a Silk Road Iftar and to have ‘liked’ the hotel’s Facebook page.

The prizes offered were one and two night stays in the hotel’s sumptuous suites, all of which offer a range of unique benefits such as spacious bedrooms, seating and dining areas, glittering chandeliers, white marble bathrooms with rainshowers, Jacuzzi or hydrojet baths and spectacular views of the hotel beach and azure Gulf. A number feature stunning Persian rugs, magnificent handcrafted furniture and exquisite one-of-a-kind fabrics. One night in these sumptuous suites would normally cost between KD400 and KD1,500 excluding tax.

The hotel announced on its social media website "Facebook" the first prize winner Mrs. Rehab Kotb who won 2 nights stay in one of The Regency’s Signature suites during Eid Al-Fitr, whom in return expressed her excitement in winning the competition.

General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, later commented, “I heartily congratulate the winners of The Regency’s Facebook competition, I thank them for choosing The Regency for their Ramadan Iftar – a pre-condition of the competition - and for their valuable support by visiting our Facebook page. This is just a small token of our gratitude”.

Ramadan festivities continue in full force at The Regency until Eid-al-Fitr. Iftar buffet opens daily at Silk Road from 6.00pm to 11.00pm and an exclusive set menu for Suhour will be available from 11.00pm to 2.00am. For more information please kindly call 2576 6666.

The Regency Hotel Hosts a Grand Iftar for Media

Ramadan is a season of sharing and spending quality time with family and friends; on this occasion to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan The Regency’s astonishing Silk Road restaurant was the venue for a sumptuous Iftar for the Kuwait’s best known media. The spectacular media was welcomed in a perfect ambiance, surrounded with colourful “fanous”, ruby red “sadu” and traditionally dressed hosts in dishdashas and gutras and the hostess in dara’ah, along with  the Sales and Marketing team including Mr.Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager.

The media marveled at an array of irresistible Arabic goodies and extensive iftar buffet prepared by the hotel’s award winning international culinary team. The buffet included a range of salad stations, grill stations, favourite local and regional dishes covered in silver chafing dishes and cold Ramadan drinks such as Qamar Al Deen, Karkade, Jallab and Pink Rose milk to break their fast and homemade Arabic and international desserts.

During the event, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager, welcomed the media and expressed his appreciation for their continuous support to The Regency. He said, "We are pleased to have the exceptionally supportive media with us to enjoy our lavish buffet and to celebrate the holy month. We thank them for their support and we look forward to work more closely in the future."

Apart from the astonishing buffet, The Regency has launched a Facebook competition where in it offers its esteemed dinners three chances to win exceptional stay in one of the Signature suites during Eid! The guests can relish the sumptuous iftar buffet or suhour set menu with family and friends and message the bill number (maximum KD50 value) on our Facebook page Regency.Kuwait to enter the lucky draw. Like us on Facebook and view more details about the exiting competition. Watch out for our unbeatable Eid promotions and more surprises! For Iftar or Suhour reservations please call 25766749, private Ghabkas may be booked through Banqueting on 2576 6753 or for more information visit their website

The Regency welcomes Bloggers in true Kuwaiti style with a festive Quraish as it expands its online presence

Staying true to its origins, The Regency proudly hosted a festive Quraish for elite members of Kuwait’s blogosphere in order to underscore its commitment to social media and reach out to a new and increasingly important generation of online journalists and diarists.

Quraish is a very old Kuwaiti custom held at the end of the month of Shaaban. This special gathering is normally held prior to the start of Ramadan, when families begin their month’s fasting during the daylight hours. On this occasion the hotel’s Silk Road restaurant provided an exquisite venue for a spectacular seafood buffet.

“Bloggers are the voice of today” stated General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo. “Their continuous support in featuring The Regency on their blogs allows the hotel to remain in the public eye and reach the emerging online audiences here in Kuwait. It’s essential we recognize their good work and maintain strong relations with them and all the other New Media platforms”.

He added: “The Quraish is a way to express our thanks and to celebrate the approach of Ramadan; we hope they enjoy this important and significant gathering and wish them a very blessed Holy Month”.

The Bloggers’ Quraish follows a stellar spring which saw the hotel’s online profile expand enormously: the hotel’s Instagram followers have now surpassed 1700 people, it’s Facebook followers have reached 13,000 and its Four Square activity attracted over 3,500 clients.

In line with The Regency’s online initiative, The Regency has also launched a new Facebook competition with over KD2,400 worth of prizes. The Regency can be viewed on Facebook at Regency.Kuwait; and on Twitter and Instagram at TheRegencyQ8.


The Regency celebrates Ramadan with Traditional Culinary Treats and an Online Competition with prizes worth almost KD3000!

Kuwait, July 7, 2013: As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches family, friends and colleagues look forward to coming together to celebrate and reflect on the important things in life.

Ramadan at The Regency offers a bevy of wonderful opportunities, from truly memorable Iftar, Suhour and Ghabka to added value gift vouchers, and a Facebook competition to win the chance to stay in one of the hotel’s sumptuous suites.

A tempting feast of culinary delights is available at both Silk Road and Al Liwan. These are, as always, served from Maghrib prayer.

In Silk Road, the sumptuous evening Iftar buffet is an ever-changing banquet bursting with colour, featuring all the favourite Ramadan refreshments and dishes. Break a long day’s fast with the sweetest dates or a range of cold drinks such as the thirst-quenching karkade – red hibiscus tea, known for its innumerable health qualities or the apricot-flavoured Qamar Al Deen and of course, Arabic coffee.

Feast on a plethora of traditional treats from all over the Middle East including culinary specialties from The Levant and Kuwait. Countless live cooking stations will serve mixed grills, unlimited hot and cold mezze. A highlight of The Regency’s buffets are the wonderful hot main courses, including the well-loved Qozi, a whole roast lamb served on saffron rice with pomegranate seeds together with a rich tangy sauce. On the endless dessert buffet are a swathe of international sweets and puddings and a wide selection of The Regency’s famous homemade Arabic sweets.

Complementing the lavish Iftar buffet is the early morning Suhour, served as a set menu. This year special gift voucher booklets have been produced to offer added value to those wishing to offer friends or colleagues the chance to enjoy The Regency’s splendid Iftar buffet, created by The Regency’s team of talented chefs from all over the Arab world and beyond.

For those seeking to treat a large number of colleagues or friends, The Regency is well known for its exquisite Ghabkas. This year The Regency is able to provide a completely exclusive private beachside venue for groups of up to sixty people; companies seeking to reward staff can of course delight their guests by booking any of the hotel’s opulent ballrooms; early reservations are recommended.

General Manager, Mr. Giraudo commented “First and foremost I would like to wish all our patrons, past and future, their friends and families a blessed month and thank them for their support. This year’s Ramadan we are confident The Regency’s culinary quality, service and selection will be unbeatable; furthermore this year we can offer many new experiences such as a stunning private venue for a memorable beachside Ghabka and our added-value Iftar gift vouchers”.

The Regency not only has a summer season of spectacular offers on its rooms but in addition,  from July 1 this year a Facebook competition is launching with three sensational prizes worth a total of over KD3,000. Winners stand a chance to sample a stay in some of the hotel’s most spectacular suites. See Regency.Kuwait for details.

Ramadan festivities start on the first day of Ramadan and will last until Eid-al-Fitr. Iftar buffet will open daily at Silk Road from Maghreb prayers to 10.00pm and an exclusive Suhour set menu will be available from 10.00pm to 2.00am. For more information on these events or Iftar vouchers kindly call 2566 6666

The Regency Celebrates yet another win as it receives the prestigious Seven Star Luxury Award

The Regency’s winning streak continued today with the announcement that the already much-fêted hotel has just been bestowed the prestigious Seven Star Global Luxury Award at a glittering award ceremony which took place at the Palais Villa Padierna in the glamorous Spanish resort of Marbella.

The annual event was attended by representatives of some of the hospitality industry’s best loved luxury brands. Commenting after receiving the award, a delighted Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager of The Regency stated “Coming after winning two World Travel Awards in May, the Seven Star Global Luxury Awards serves to underline the meteoric rise of The Regency’s reputation in the international marketplace”.

Mr. Russell Loughland, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Regency added “To receive this accolade is not just a great honour for The Regency but it bolsters the credibility of this great landmark hotel in the global arena, proving once again that an independent, Kuwaiti-owned brand can compete with the crème de la crème in hospitality worldwide”.

According to the organizers, the Seven Star Global Luxury Awards serve as a guarantee to the luxury consumer that the recipients are truly the best in the industry; only those hotels representing the pinnacle of global excellence are recognized.

For more details please call 2576 6666 or visit our website:


Exceptional culinary quality and stellar service make The Regency’s catering services stand out

Kuwait, 23rd June 2013: In a drive to expand it’s already wide-reaching services to discerning clientele and to serve better those clients requiring personalized service and international standards of quality, The Regency is developing its well respected catering services.

Having recently won the contract to provide food and refreshments at the Pearl and Derwaza Lounge in Kuwait’s International Airport, the multi award-winning hotel is gearing up for the summer.

Whether catering for a family celebration, birthday, ladies’ tea party or extravagant supper, or treating hard working staff to a well deserved ghabkha during The Holy Month of Ramadan, The Regency’s team is ensures the complete success of events from start to finish.

Moreover, with over three decades of experience to its credit, The Regency is already caterer of choice to some of the most prestigious addresses in town, including innumerable diplomatic missions where it has provided tailor-made arrangements in addition to unparalleled choices of menus and competent service staff.

With the approach of Ramadan and Eid The Regency is of course, delighted to provide private ghabkas at home, as well as in the hotel’s stunning ballrooms or in the beautiful beachside sanctuary of the Ladies’ Lounge. Of course, thanks to its Italian and Lebanese pastry chefs, the hotel is well known for its homemade Arabic sweets and irresistible European desserts, which always make a delightful – and popular - centrepiece of any family gathering during the Holy Month.

“Catering excellence is a key part of The Regency’s culinary repertoire” added Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager. “Our unmatched catering services give clients an opportunity to enjoy those same exemplary standards of fine food at home, as we offer within the hotel and Convention Centre”.

“In addition to the unbeatable value, it is the quality of food and service that we provide that assures our reputation” he added.

Indeed the reputation of The Regency has recently been further endorsed internationally by the double win at the World Travel Awards in Dubai where The Regency garnered not only ‘Kuwait’s Best Luxury Hotel’ award but also the title: ‘Kuwait’s Best Convention Hotel’.

For more details please call 2576 6666 or visit our website:

Enjoy Sensational Summer Savings at The Regency!

From now until 8th August 2013, The Regency is inviting sun lovers of any age to make the most of its spectacular beachside location, three full size pools and award-winning luxury with huge savings for everyone.

For a limited period only, guests may benefit from an exclusive value-added offer with room rates starting as low as KD55 (subject to 15% service charge) representing a saving of over 50%. Based on two persons sharing a Superior Room, the rate includes full buffet breakfast, complimentary mini fridge items for one time only on top of which, there will be a free transfer to Avenues Mall, Marina Mall and The Scientific Centre on a scheduled timetable.

All guests enjoy free access to the beautiful beachside swimming pools, where young guests can enjoy a range of inflatable toys. There is of course complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel. Ladies may avail themselves of the exclusive private Ladies’ Lounge, where from 9.00am to 7.00pm they can enjoy a private beach and sun terrace with plenty of sun loungers as well as a delightful café and swimming pool with power jets.

“This summer sees a host of exceptional events at The Regency”, commented Mr. Russell Loughland, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We are planning to launch the Regency Gourmet cake shop and delicatessen in the next weeks and with the arrival of our new Italian Executive Sous Chef, Carmine de Filippo, we have introduced an Italian gastronomic menu at Silk Road for a limited period only. Of course we also have Ramadan and Eid offers plus amazing discounts on suites, in addition to terrific culinary promotions during this season's biggest holiday.

In addition to the unbeatable room offers and exceptional dining, The Regency offers a weekly calendar of incredible culinary events: enjoy an array of fresh seafood on Tuesdays, spectacular Indian cuisine on Wednesdays and Lebanese delicacies on Thursdays. This is not forgetting the Royal Brunch which has been proved so popular every Friday since its inception.

In June, The Regency’s five Master Chefs from Italy, Canada, France, Malta & Lebanon will be bringing a new lunch buffet to the Regency’s Silk Road in which they will be showcasing the finest cuisines of their related countries.

“This just goes to prove that summer in Kuwait offers myriad opportunities and plenty of added-value offers” commented General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo.


For more details or reservations please call 2576 6666 or visit our website:

The Regency Hotel is awarded yet another accolade the “Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2013”

Kuwait, June 2013: The Regency is celebrating a bumper month of awards. After recently winning the coveted titles of Kuwait’s Leading Luxury Hotel and Kuwait’s Leading Conference Hotel at World Travel Awards in Dubai – the only Kuwait hotel to win two awards, The Regency is delighted to announce the acquisition of yet another prestigious accolade: the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2013, for the second year running.

To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travellers on Trip Advisor’s website. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the previous 12 months. The Regency has spent over 165 days as the top rated hotel in Kuwait according to guests, and is rated out of no less than 51 hotels in the state.

Trip Advisor is the world's largest travel site operating in 30 countries worldwide, enabling travellers to post comments after their stay. It therefore offers trusted advice and its branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 50 million unique monthly visitors, and over 60 million reviews and opinions.

Mr. Aurelio Giraudo commented “The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award goes only to companies offering the most highly rated and outstanding services, we are delighted to know that our esteemed guests recognize our efforts and are so supportive of our ongoing efforts to improve”.

He continued, “We have always stated from the beginning on our website and in our mission statements that we would like to see The Regency as setting the ‘benchmark for luxury hospitality in the Northern Gulf’. We do our utmost to maintain unparalleled standards of service and this award stems from all the hard work by every associate. It is an honour indeed”.

Under the patronage of H.H the Emir of Kuwait & H.E the Prime Minister The Regency Hotel hosted “Arab Media Forum”

The Regency Hotel -the 5 stars hotel where Kuwaiti hospitality, luxury and international standards come together- had recently hosted the “Arab Media Forum”; the event lasted over 4 days and divided into two major events; Third Media Forum on Youth under the patronage of H.H the Emir of Kuwait Shaikh Sabah Al- Ahmed Al- Jaber Al- Sabah, then followed the 10th Arab Media Forum under the patronage of Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah - Prime Minister of Kuwait.

This prestigious event brought together a huge number of leading writers, broadcasters and media figures locally, regionally and internationally; these include ministers, ambassadors, and top journalists. The main theme of this year’s forum was "Media & Peace", during which several highly intellectual and influential Arab media figures had been awarded for their amazing contribution in raising awareness and upgrading Arab national ideology, mentioning among them, Sheikha Dr. Suad Al-Sabah poet, economist and novelist, poet Abdul Rahman Abnoudy, Dr. Fahad Al-Shihabi, Kuwaiti media professional Yousef Jassem, Egyptian Medial professional Laila Rustom, Syrian T.V Presenter Mustafa Alagha.

The Regency Hotel selection was based on the organizational parties belief in the luxurious, high-end and elegant services of the hotel that are commensurate with the nature and importance of this event, and can fulfill the needs and meets the expectations of the celebrities who will be staying at the Regency hotel along the four days of the Arab Media Forum.

The Regency guests had praised the level of the services they had experienced during their stay along the forum days; the well-known Lebanese T.V presenter Nishan said: "I attended many events in Arab countries specially GCC but I was really impressed about the outside event here at The Regency; it was well controlled, great service and staff”. From his part, Egyptian T.V presenter Tamer said: “Simply, I felt home, friendly staff, great service and amazing luxurious hotel and decorations”.

Commenting on hosting the Arab Media Forum, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager of The Regency stated: “We would like to thank the sponsors and organizers of the Arab Media Forum for their trust and confidence in bringing such a high profile media gathering to The Regency. Such events open the door to build new relationships and empower the hotel’s position among parallels. We were glad to accommodate all attendees and participants in this remarkably valuable forum, and we wish they enjoyed their residency at our hotel”.

The Regency scoops TWO prestigious global accolades at World Travel Awards in Dubai

Kuwait, 6th May, 2013: The Regency has been named Kuwait’s Leading Luxury Hotel and Kuwait’s Leading Conference Hotel at the glittering ‘World Travel Awards’ ceremony held in Dubai on 5th May 2013.

Attended by industry leaders from all over the region, The Regency won the two hard-fought accolades from a tightly fought field.

General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo, said late last night after clinching the prizes “We are thrilled to be named not just Kuwait’s Leading Luxury Hotel but also Kuwait’s Leading Conference Hotel by the World Travel Awards jury. It is an honour for me as General Manager, as much as for all our associates, who have worked so hard to take us to the top. It just proves that as a wholly independent, family-owned property since 1981, The Regency is now the benchmark for excellence in hospitality and an internationally recognized leader in Kuwait’s hospitality industry”.

The Regency recently announced it had won the contract to manage the Pearl and Derwaza Lounges at Kuwait International Airport and new contracts with major institutions for laundry and catering.

The two World Travel Awards come on the back of another milestone, on Wednesday 8th May 2013 The Regency will be celebrating 150 days at the top of the hotel rankings on the website www.Trip The hotel is ranked by votes sent by its guests and the league covers no less than 52 hotels in Kuwait.

The Regency prides itself on representing the spirit of Arabian and international hospitality and has been considered a landmark beachfront property since its establishment in 1981.

For reservations please kindly call 2576 6666

The Regency launches ‘Maharajah’ every Wednesday An Indian feast fit for a King!

From Wednesday May 1st The Regency is delighted to announce a delectable new culinary adventure showcasing the finest flavours of India from the northern, coastal and southern regions of India – using the choicest ingredients complemented with The Regency’s unbeatable international service standards.

The dazzling buffet menu has been concocted by no less than thirty of the hotel’s stellar Indian culinary team under the guidance of Roger Friggieri, the hotel’s award-winning Executive Chef from Malta.

The spread will include a plethora of home-cooked favourites many of which will be cooked live, such as homemade paratha bread served with tasty dhal; the delicious keralite crêpe known as Appam, made with rice batter and coconut milk and fresh items cooked live on the Tikka Grill; this is in addition to a cornucopia of Indian desserts including the delicious creamy ice cream known as kulfi as well as the ever-popular halwa, laddu, barfi and jalebi.

There are a range of crunchy salads and soups, all of which make great starters. Over a dozen diverse main courses make decisions difficult, choose from spicy dishes like the vindaloo curries, or the creamy korma, not forgetting popular vegetarian dishes made with potato, chickpeas or vegetables such as kalma vada, aloo jeera and channa peshawari.

From 7pm until 11pm each Wednesday Silk Road will be bedecked in true ‘Maharajah’ style down to the elegant national dress worn by the waiters and waitresses. With the pleasant weather upon us, weather permitting, the weekly promotion will be held on the terrace of Silk Road allowing guests to partake in the superb evenings, metres from the sparkling sea.

Since its establishment in 1981 as a landmark beachfront property The Regency has prided itself on its celebrated standards of culinary excellence and timeless elegance. Kick start the weekend early with Maharajah and enjoy food fit for a King! A la carte choices are also available.

For reservations please kindly call 2576 6666

A New and Exclusive Gymnasium brings even more benefits to guests of The Regency

Today more and more business executives see the need to incorporate health and fitness into their busy travel schedules. Recent industry reports have highlighted how hotel guests now prioritise hotels with superior fitness facilities. With this is mind The Regency is delighted to announce the opening of a new and expanded gymnasium to provide its in-house guests with more opportunities to stay healthy.

Located on the top floor of the five storey hotel this beautifully designed 200 square metre facility will feature a range of the latest equipment by Precor so whether a guest is looking to improve his or her cardio-vascular performance, burn calories or tone muscles there will be plenty of choice, not forgetting free weights for those who seek to perfect the body beautiful.

Open 24 hours a day, the facility will be segregated to allow men and women complete privacy while working out. Each section is flanked by adjoining marble washrooms with luxurious amenities. The sweeping reception desk with its golden marble backdrop will form the impressive entry, pastel walls, tall mirrors and spotlights will enhance the guests’ work out experience.

General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo spoke of his pride in creating yet another high-end facility for The Regency’s esteemed guests: “We recognize our in-house guests require top-of-the-line exercise facilities and we are therefore delighted to provide them with a brand new and expanded gymnasium, exclusively for their use. To retain exclusivity memberships will not be extended to outside guests. This is just one a number of enhancements we shall be seeing over the next months designed to offer our guests an all-round, international five-star experience”.

The Regency gym will be overseen by qualified male and female personal trainers to ensure optimum benefit and personal safety.

The Regency Showcases top Musical Talent at Al Liwan

The Regency is delighted to announce the arrival of Ms. Katalin Zsubrits a professional pianist from Sopron in western Hungary who will be providing classical accompaniment in the elegant white marble Al Liwan lounge each evening, from Tuesday to Saturday from 8pm to 11pm.

Ms. Zsubrits comes with stellar credentials having gained her diploma in piano performance and piano teaching from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, England, where she is currently finishing her Masters.

After being encouraged to learn piano at the tender age of seven by her guitar-playing father, her talents were quickly recognized; by twelve she was already well experienced in public recitals. Her love of the instrument was instinctive, “playing piano was the first thing I did when I got home from school. Nobody forced me” she comments. This natural love of piano led her to enroll, and later graduate from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in the Hungarian capital Budapest, where many of Hungary’s musical luminaries like Bela Bartok and Vlastimil Lejsek were alumni.

Katalin will be playing lyrical melodies at Al Liwan carefully choosing pieces that suit the acoustics of this stunningly elegant atrium. Her favourite composers include Debusssy, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms and Rachmaninov, she also favours more modern composers like George and Ira Gershwin. Katalin’s classical piano has been a hit on the popular website YouTube where over 250,000 listeners have enjoyed her rendition of ‘Love Dream’ by Franz Lizst.

Al Liwan serves a wide variety of hot and cold snacks, homemade desserts and cakes, in addition to delightful refreshments. The Regency’s celebrated High Tea is served here daily from 5pm to 8pm with premium leaf teas by Gryphon, exclusive to The Regency.

The Regency is hosting Asia’s Dignitaries

Kuwait, 10th April, 2013: On Tuesday 9th April 2013 Ten of Asia’s key Ambassadors assembled at The Regency for a special lunch at Silk Road to welcome His Excellency Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Singapore’s visiting Ambassador to Kuwait. General Manager, Aurelio Giraudo was there to greet them.

The Regency Ranked Number One Hotel in Kuwait on for more than hundred days

Kuwait, 30th March, 2013: The Regency is delighted to announce it has maintained number one position on the popular travel website This globally-known website is where guests post their feedback on their hotel experiences online and the positive feedback is then rated into a league-style ranking. The ranking puts The Regency first amongst 53 hotels in Kuwait for more than hundred days.

The General Manager Mr. Aurelio Giraudo stated “Trip Advisor is a key satisfaction index, written for, and by our guests. I am thrilled that we have already accomplished one of my all-time, long-term goals, to be the best hotel in Kuwait, as reviewed by our guests. Of course now the hard work really begins, to stay at the top”

The Regency’s senior management and associates would like to thank every guest for their valuable reviews posted on the Tripadvisor site who were the reason behind being awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2012.

“I know my team is delighted to be ranked top of the hotel league in Kuwait. This confers a rare and prestigious accolade recognizing the highest standards of service and genuine hospitality that the team consistently delivers to the guests” added Mr. Giraudo.

The news comes as The Regency prepares to launch Balsamico, a state of the art, Italian restaurant and The Regency Gourmet, an elegant confectionery and cake shop which will present a wonderful range of tempting delights. 2013 promises even more excitement with the new Ladies’ Lounge memberships with unbeatable discounts and an amazing Executive Experience package showcasing outstanding privileges for our corporate business travellers.

The Regency Hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi in Limousine Cars

Kuwait- March 2013

As part of its continuous efforts to take the Regency Hotel experience to a whole new dimension; the hotel is now introducing a complimentary Wi-Fi in service in all Limousine cars to take the executive experience to a new level.

The creation of this service emerged in order to enable executives and business travelers to best profit from being connected all the time; whether briefing the team before a big meeting, making last minute changes to a presentation or squeezing in some business on the way to a client dinner, this service gives the business travelers the advantage of being always connected regardless their location.

“Extending free Wi-Fi service to the limousines was a natural step to take after offering it at all our public areas including lobby, rooms and restaurant. Connectivity is a vital part of the Regency experience, and complimentary Internet access has become one of our signature standards”, said Mr. Aurelio Giraudo - the Regency’s General Manager, Kuwait.

The Regency will continue to be at the forefront of customizing technology to keep guests connected; it is taking the service approach beyond the hotel itself into the Limousine cars; now guests can access the Internet using their mobile devices and laptops which helps them maximize their productivity from the moment they leave the airport – and even while they move around town.

Exceptional! Extraordinary! Exclusive!
Welcome to the new Executive Experience at The Regency!

Kuwait, 20th March 2013: The Regency Kuwait is renowned for its superlative services and drive for innovation. As part of that mission, the hotel is proud to announce a new enhancement to its range of services by today launching “The Executive Experience at The Regency”.

“The Executive Experience” is a unique programme providing a range of extraordinary features offered to executives as standard, not added extras. These include exclusive privileges availed at The Regency’s Executive Lounge situated on the hotel’s fourth floor.

The elegant duplex lounge comprises of comfortable seating and dining areas, televisions with satellite news, newspapers and magazines, desktop computers, complimentary Wi-Fi and selected secretarial service. In the upper gallery there are three private board rooms with videoconferencing facilities.

Guests who choose to book the Executive Experience will immediately receive the following benefits:

• Complimentary Visa Service with meet and greet at the airport.

• Limousine transfer to and from the airport, with Wi-Fi.

• Complimentary access to the Executive Lounge daily.

• Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, including in-limousine

• Newspaper of choice. (Subject to availability)

• Complimentary express breakfast in the Executive Lounge.

• Complimentary mocktails, tea and coffee and canapés from 6-8pm daily.

• Complimentary pressing of two items upon arrival with a further 20% discount on laundry.

• Complimentary secretarial services (not including translation).

• 30% reduction on the hire of Executive Lounge meeting rooms.

• Complimentary in-room mini fridge

• 20% discount on dinner in Silk Road restaurant.

Any guest booking a suite will be automatically invited to enjoy the privileges of “The Executive Experience”. The fourth floor comprises of a range of room and suite categories to suit all budgets.

To enjoy the above benefits of “The Executive Experience” rates for Superior Rooms start as low as KD85 + 15% for single occupancy representing extraordinary added value. Please kindly contact The Regency Reservations Department on or call (+965) 2576 6608 to learn more.

A Time to Treat Mum, Unique Offers at The Regency!

Kuwait 21st March 2013: In recognition of their hard work and support, on 21st March 2013, this month The Regency’s Silk Road restaurant is rewarding all mums with an exceptional lunch or supper treat with an added floral token for each mum to take away.

Furthermore, for the first time, a superb Pampering Package will also offer mums and daughters exclusive savings on Deluxe Rooms from 21st – 23rd March, 2013 and will include complimentary access to the Ladies’ Lounge where they can take advantage of the great weather to swim, sunbathe or snack together in total privacy.

On March 21st take the opportunity to gather mum and the family together to enjoy an outstanding lunch or dinner buffet with family members, prepared by award-winning Executive Chef, Roger Friggieri. FOUR paying guests are all that is needed for an accompanying mum to enjoy a complimentary lunch or supper buffet on the day! Moreover each mother will receive a single rose from the hotel as a souvenir of this memorable event.

For those who want to show their heartfelt appreciation The Regency’s perfect Pampering Package allows busy mums and daughters to enjoy some downtime together. Priced at KD135 +15% the offer includes exquisite dining, accommodation, and entry to the hotel’s exclusive Ladies’ Lounge; even limousine transfers! As an extra plus, subject to availability guests can take advantage of an early check-in and check-out.

The luxuries begin even before leaving home. The Regency will arrange a complimentary limousine transfer for mum and daughter to travel to the hotel together from one address. The stylish return ride home is included too! On arrival at The Regency savour a welcome mocktail on check-in before settling into a sumptuous Deluxe Room. The offer includes at no extra cost, a specially created celebratory lunch and supper buffet for two ladies on 21st March 2013, as well as The Regency’s amazing buffet breakfast the following day.

Those ladies checking in on 22nd March 2013 will enjoy the same privileges, but instead of a celebratory lunch for two, the guests may enjoy The Regency’s famous Royal Brunch held each Friday, presenting a limitless choice of delicious treats from seafood to sushi, Mediterranean favourites and of course spectacular desserts.

Make this weekend one to remember, surprise Mum with a special thank you from the whole family! For more information of this or any others, please kindly contact call (+965) 2576 6666 to learn more.

The Regency welcomes HRH the Crown Prince of Bhutan

Kuwait, 19th March 2013: The Regency was honoured recently by the esteemed presence of HRH the Crown Prince of Bhutan, Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck who was attending a dinner hosted at the hotel. Wearing the customary silk robes of his homeland, The Crown Prince was greeted by the hotel General Manager, Mr. Aurelio Giraudo. During his visit the Crown Prince also visited the Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Olympic Shooting Complex where he was received by the President of the Arab Shooting Federation, the Vice President of Kuwait Shooting Federation and board members of Kuwait Shooting Club. Bhutan is a small, mountainous nation known for its pristine nature, it lies south of at the eastern end of the Himalayas bordering India and China

Enjoy Summer with Countless Members’ Benefits at The Regency’s Ladies’ Lounge

Kuwait, 11th March 2013: The Ladies’ Lounge at The Regency is the most exclusive ladies-only sanctuary in Kuwait. It will re-open for the summer season on 1st April 2013 and will feature a stunning swimming pool, a shallow waterfall pool, a private lounge area with an extensive menu and a discreet private beach with wonderful views over the Arabian Gulf.

From 9am – 7pm daily The Ladies’ Lounge offers a personal and private relaxation experience.

For the 2013 summer season, a membership programme is available to give better value to frequent users. Still available is the daily entry fee of KD 20, but for true fans of the Ladies Lounge experience a full season membership filled with exciting benefits and discounts is available, from 1st April – 31st October, for KD1,300.000 per person. Membership for any three months within the season is also available for a membership fee of KD750.000 per person. No joining fees are necessary but ladies need to be above 12 years of age.

Benefits include discounts on rooms in the hotel, food and beverage within not only, the Ladies’ Lounge, but also at any time in the Silk Road restaurant and in the magnificent Al Liwan.

In addition, the soon to be launched Balsamico, a state-of-the-art Italian restaurant and The Regency Gourmet, an elegant confectionery and cake shop will complete a wonderful range of tempting delights. Discounts are also included for all the themed nights at The Regency whether they be Lebanese, Seafood, Barbeque or the famous Royal Brunch, truly the king of Kuwait brunches.

To tempt Ladies’ Lounge guests the hotel will hold a Ladies’ Lounge Open Day on Saturday 23rd March from 10am – 3pm to celebrate the launch of the season, so for those who enjoy topping up the tan there is an opportunity to enjoy a tour, meet staff and sign up for membership

Members who sign up on 23rd March 2013 receive an additional benefit – a complimentary day pass for a girlfriend to use between 1 – 15 April. Start the season in style!

The most elegant 5-star beach sanctuary in Kuwait awaits you at The Ladies’ Lounge at The Regency. For more information call 25766749 or visit

Chill by the Grill on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at The Regency!

Kuwait, 4th March, 2013: Hot on the heels of The Regency’s fantastically successful Lebanese night on Thursdays, what better time to launch two more culinary extravaganzas to herald the start of warmer weather!

From Tuesday March 5th chill out each week at Silk Road’s exceptional seafood buffet with many dishes specially prepared for the night, and from Wednesday March 6th try Kuwait’s most outstanding weekly barbeque, both culinary evenings bring together the freshest array of fresh salads, soups and of course Chef Rafaelle’s tantalizing desserts. The Regency’s evening buffets open at 7pm.

“Expect the unexpected”! Says multi-award winning Executive Chef, Roger Friggieri, a Maltese gastronome who has over twenty gold medals to his name, all won at prestigious international culinary competitions throughout Europe.

Friggieri’s sumptuous seafood spread will present baby lobster, grilled jumbo prawns and a plethora of fresh shellfish such as green lipped mussels and clams, as well as the European delicacies, octopus and squid. He will also place Mediterranean classics such as bouillabaise

“As I have Italian and Mediterranean heritage I wanted to showcase seafood dishes that you would normally have to fly to France or Italy to taste! The barbeque is more ‘America meets Arabia’ in style, with lots of local favourites and the emphasis – as always – is on quality“said the young chef.

Wednesday barbeque nights will also have Chef Roger’s creative touch, diners will find the finest beef medallions, tuna skewers, spicy lamb chops, jumbo prawns, not forgetting prime ribs - hot off the grill. These are in addition to plenty of family favourites that include Italian pasta dishes, Spanish flour tortilla wraps, satay, lamb kofta and melt-in-the-mouth shawarma.

The Regency’s elegant outdoor terraces and stunning beaches provides a beautiful backdrop for diners at Silk Road. For more details on culinary events or to sign up for the monthly Le Gourmet newsletter please call 2576 6749 or visit

The Regency Ranked Number One Hotel in Kuwait

Kuwait, 4th December, 2011: The Regency is honoured to announce it has been taken the top spot on the popular travel website This globally-known website is where guests post their feedback online and the positive feedback is then rated into a league-style ranking. The ranking puts The Regency first amongst 533 hotels in Kuwait.

Newly appointed General Manager Mr. Arelio Giruado stated “Trip Advisor is a key satisfaction index, written for, and by our guests. I am thrilled that in my short amount of time here we have already accomplished one of my all-time, long-term goals, to be the best hotel in Kuwait, as reviewed by our guests. Of course now the hard work really begins, to stay at the top!”

The Regency’s senior management and associates would like to thank every guest for their valuable reviews posted on the Tripadvisor site.

“I know my team is delighted to be ranked top of the hotel league in Kuwait. This confers a rare and prestigious accolade recognizing the highest standards of service and genuine hospitality that the team consistently delivers to the guests” added Mr. Giraudo.

The news comes as The Regency prepares to launch its Winter Escape package aimed at offering GCC residents, including Kuwaitis, the chance to sample this superlative property! 2013 promises even more excitement with a new butler service about to be launched and a superb Fitness Studio with equipment showcasing the latest technology.

The Regency Wishes the Embassy of the People's Republic of China
a Happy Chinese New Year!

Kuwait, 10th February 2013: On February 6th 2013, just as millions in China were preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, The Regency’s General Manager, Aurelio Girudo, visited the Chinese Embassy with senior management to extend his best wishes to His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Cui Jianchun and his team on the occasion of the forthcoming Chinese New Year.

The General Manager presented the Ambassador with a cake iced in red and yellow – deemed auspicious colours, and bearing the image of a snake and featuring a popular New Year message in Chinese saying “Gongxi facai” meaning best wishes for a prosperous New Year. The cake was topped with a festive candle which brought great delight to the assembled dignitaries.

Commonly known in China as Spring Festival, this Chinese New Year heralds the start of the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese zodiac which includes twelve animals. Those born in this year are seen as very smart, but rather lazy! 

The Regency assembles an entirely new ‘Dream Team’!


Kuwait, 6th February 2013: The Regency is celebrating 2013 with the arrival of a slew of new star recruits. 

Multi award-winning Executive Chef Roger Friggieri arrives from Malta with a treasure trove of over twenty gold medals, all won internationally. This highly focused culinary champion comes with Italian heritage and over 12 years managerial experience in luxury hotels. His cooking styles vary but he says his focus is Mediterranean, Italian, Arabic and also vegetarian cuisine. Joining Roger is the Executive Sous Chef Mohammed Ambrim Mahat with more than 22 year culinary experience in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.  He was nominated for the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011 held in Singapore.

Tom Spaan is the new Director of Food and Beverage. This affable Dutchman from Amsterdam brings over 30 years of experience in the field. He is known for leading kitchen and service teams with great finesse; his aim is to maintain motivation and productivity at the highest level - without compromising on quality. In past posts he has excelled in driving revenues in a swathe of restaurants and lounges. 

Newly-arrived Irish Executive Housekeeper Kathleen A. Knight is an industry veteran and has worked in Kuwait prior to joining The Regency. Her twenty six years’ experience in housekeeping means she has a solid track record having already worked in London, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, China and Yemen.  

British-born Russell Loughland has been in the hotel industry for more than 20 years in all corners of the globe. He is an experienced professional, graduated in Modern European Studies at Thames Valley University. Russell is an excellent communicator and passionate about work, family and all sports. He started his career with London Metropole Hotel in the early 90's and since then has moved throughout SE Asia and the Middle East until he decided to make the leap to Kuwait and join The Regency as Director of Sales and Marketing. 

Paul Emmanuel Revenue and Reservations Manager, hails from India and is similarly blessed with global experience, having held posts in The Maldives, Kenya, Tanzania and Yemen. In the last twelve years he has held various positions as Reservations and Revenue Manager; Sales and Reservations Manager and General Manager.

The youthful Lebanese-born Ayman Kaissi, has joined The Regency as Front Office Manager. Kaissi has been in the hotel industry for more than ten years, having started his career as Assistant Front Office Manager in Lebanon. Before joining The Regency he was Assistant Front Office Manager at the Armed Forces Officers’ Club and Hotel in the United Arab Emirates. 

General Manager, Aurelio Giraudo said in a welcome speech that “I am thrilled to see the positivity and energy in our new associates.  I sincerely believe the phrase ‘team work makes the dream work’, and with my ‘dream team’ now assembled I foresee great things ahead for The Regency”


The Regency welcomes Chinese Table Tennis star Ding Ning!

Kuwait, 19th February 2012: Mr. Aurelio Giraudo General Manager of The Regency met Ding Ning the former World Champion and recent winner of 2013 Australia Open Table Tennis Champion. Ding Ning was one of a number of global table tennis celebrities staying at The Regency who were attending Kuwait Open 2013 – ITTF World Tour, Super Series from 14-18 February 2013, held in Kuwait.  

Ding Ning is a household name in her home country of China. She has won gold medals at the London Olympics in 2011 and at the Dortmund World Championships in 2012. A year earlier she captured two of the biggest titles in Table Tennis by winning the Women’s Singles title at the GC Group World Championships in Rotterdam, later in 2011 she clinched the Volkswagen Women’s World Cup title. She was the reigning World Champion for over a year.  

Mr. Giraudo mentioned it was pleasure to welcome Ding Ning to The Regency and wished her and all the sportsmen and women visiting Kuwait the very best for their future games.



. KD