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The Regency Kuwait is a short 15 minute drive from Kuwait’s International Airport and close to the main downtown district of Kuwait City. The hotel ‘s (GPS) Global Positioning System coordinates are: Latitude N29 degrees -18' 0" Longitude E48 degrees -5' 34"

Airport Directions

Upon leaving the Kuwait International Airport, take the Sixth Ring Road towards Messilah / Salmiya. At the first set of traffic lights go straight ahead and after the third set of traffic lights The Regency is sign posted 500m on the right.

About Kuwait

The country of Kuwait occupies an area of 17,820 square kilometers and has nearly 500 kilometers of coastline along the Arabian Gulf; its capital is Kuwait City. Kuwait’s landscape is generally desert plain, with some coastal dunes and nine off-shore islands. There are smaller communities inland and to the south, but the vast majority of people live in Kuwait City.

It is thought Kuwait’s shores have been inhabited for many thousands of years. As the maritime community developed it brought a booming trade in precious commodities such as frankincense, myrrh, pearls, gems and spices. As the centuries passed, goods from as far as India, China, and Africa arrived in the port, by the 1700s the city was encircled by mud walls. When Islam swept the Arabian Peninsula Kuwait also became an important stop for pilgrims on their way to Mecca. Excavations have also uncovered evidence of Hellenistic culture on the country’s outlying islands.

In the 1800s the coast was most famous for its pearl divers, a tradition that has now gradually died out. The nation we know today is relatively young, having gained sovereignty from Britain in 1961. It is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia and since the 1930s, has been an oil-producing nation.

Kuwait shares European weather patterns; summers (April to October) are hot and humid with very little rain. Winters (November to March) are cold with limited rain. Spring is very pleasant however this season can also see the increase of the Shamal, a desert wind that can bring heavy dust.

Kuwait visitors witness an intriguing mix of liberal Western ways and strict Islamic culture. Consumption of alcohol and pork is strictly forbidden and its import is illegal. Some women may choose to veil themselves in public; accordingly visitors may wish to dress more conservatively to avoid offence, though a veil is not required. The city offers numerous cinemas and theatres plus many modern shopping malls or traditional souqs. In addition it benefits from a delightful corniche (seafront) offering long walks, high class restaurants as well as local eateries. 

The Regency Kuwait

The Regency, PO Box 1139,
Al Bida'a, Al Tawoon Street,
Salmiya 22012, State of Kuwait

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